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Kate is now living in Bay of Plenty and currently unavailable for treatment in Wanaka.


Kate Perriam


  • Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture from NZ School of Chinese Medicine (4 year degree)

  • Neurological Integration System (NIS)

  • Member of Acupuncture NZ (NZ registrar)

  • Member of NIS, NZ

  • ACC Treatment Provider

  • Reiki I and II Practitioner Levels

  • Traditional Maori Healing (Honohono)

  • Medical Intuitive taught by Tina Zion

  • Essential First Aid – New Zealand Red Cross


Kate currently uses a combination of both Eastern Medical theory (Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture) with a Western balance founded in Neuroscience (Neurological Integration System) to achieve health improvement. The choice of what is used is dependent on the nature of the health patterns at hand, where one system struggles the other system excels. Both techniques intricately understand + work with the body's own ability to heal its self.

Experience lies within a few main areas listed to the right, but are by no means limited to these. If you are unsure please use the message box in contact to see if your concerns suit the nature of this treatment.

TCM Acupuncture - Many needles are used but with relatively light needling. The depth of needles are never forced past the point of muscle resistance, and as the body allows and let's go the deeper work is done. This technique eliminates unnecessary pain and muscle spasm during needling and is very effective.


Observation, massage and touch is used to get an accurate evaluation of muscular disharmony. From there acupuncture and other tools are applied to correct the structure.


The use of pulse and tongue reading, along with subject and objective examination techniques are used for internal diagnostics.


Other TCM techniques used are Chinese herbal formulas, Traditional herbal liniments, Gua Sha, Cupping and Moxa.


Kate has engaged in other areas of natural medicine which have lead to her side qualifications in Reiki Energy Healing, Traditional Maori Healing (Honohono), and Medical Intuition. She is also knowledgeable on the use of NZ Flower Essences. This range of skills brings a unique and high quality therapy to her patients.


Kate is known for her gentle style and her commitment to ensuring the most effective treatment to every patient.


Yoga at Home

- Reproductive Health Including pregnancy issues, pre-birthing preparation, cycle regulation

Mostly Acupuncture work using Moxa + Needles, accompanied with herbal options.

- Head Injury + Cognitive Impairment Issues

NIS + Acupuncture combination

- Mental Health

Practice and advice follows similar to Buddhist practice, Acupuncture harmonising the emotional, mental, spiritual + physical balance's, and NIS for testing any neural connectivity issues.

- Auto-Immune, Pathological + Toxicity issues

Main work is with NIS + Herbal support products.

- Chronic Pain, Internal or External systems

- Health Education + Health Maintenance 

Finding out where your constitutional weakness's/strength's are within your system + how to maintain balance without repetitive therapy; including diet, herbs, exercise/activity choice, and time schedule usage.

Oil Massage
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