Chinese Medical theory states... Acupuncture stimulates the body's innate healing system to fix itself...

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Covid-19 Opening...

WE ARE OPEN from Thursday 14th May at Level 2 restriction.

- Our reception will be back on the phones for booking Thursday 14th May. If you want to book in sooner please email through your details via the contact page on this website


Please read the following points to understand how we will operate under the Level 2 guidelines.

- When you book via phone you will be asked Screening Questions. You will be re-asked these at the time of appointment, please be patient with this repetition

- You will fill out a contact form with your basic details at reception upon arrival, although we do have these in our system again please be patient with this repetition

- The clinic bed + room surfaces will be cleaned after each client so 15mins is allocated between each client. This time also allows a less chance of overlap in the reception area. Please wait in your car if you arrive early until time of appointment.

- We will not use any linen so please bring your own towel or two for covering material and/or to lye on as the bed will be a bit harder and colder than your used to. We have medical grade face paper and paper covering for pillow

- Face Masks are optional for both practitioner and client. However if you are immuno-compromised or over 65 please let us know and Tetsuro will wear a face mask.

- Paywave is set-up for payments, or we can give you details for bank transfer

- Please voice any concerns over health and safety should you feel uncomfortable or compromised in anyway, and please understand all these extra's can be tedious but are required for us to operate safely

Look forwards to seeing you all again xx


Dr. Tetsuro Takumi 

PhD. Acu, MAcuNZ, ACC Accredited


(03) 443 0742


text only: 0273211682





Monday - Friday

9am    -  6pm


23 Cardrona Valley Road, Wanaka, New Zealand


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