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Traditional Chinese Medicine + Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the tool used and created by Chinese Medicine 

It is from recognition of the effectiveness of this Chinese tool that has encouraged more westernised professions to learn and integrate basic parts of acupuncture into their practice, however their training is usually specific and limited. To receive maximum healing effects from Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine always seek a Registered and Fully Qualified Acupuncturist. 



Both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine have been


used successfully for thousands of years


in the treatment of a wide range of conditions. Chinese Medicine works in a holistic manner endeavouring to restore balance on many levels including mental, emotional and physical. 


Symptoms are the body's way of notifiying you that your body is not in complete health.

Each symptom is linked with a particular aspect of your body's health and reveals to the Chinese Medicine practitioner where your health requires attention. The practitioner can then use acupuncture on particular points on the body to stimulate the innate healing system. This resolves the symptom.

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A course of treatment required is varied. This is due to individualised treatment. Conditions that are more chronic, severe and are accompanied with many signs and symptoms generally require more treatment than those of an acute and minimal nature.

Acupuncture is


great for



Women's Health & Regulating Hormones, Regulating Menstruation & Pregnancy issues

High Cholesterol & Blood Pressure issues, Lingering Colds,

Chronic Fatigue,

Skin Disorders,

Chronic de-generative diseases,

Renal/ Liver Disease,

Hayfever, Ezcema & Asthma

Pain Relief

Injury Recovery (ACC recognised therapy)




Perfect for those with drug allergies, babies/children, elderly and women during pregnancy, patients wanting to limit pharmaceuticals or wishing to control drug side effects, post-cancer recovery and anyone who prefers a


Green prescription.

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