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Treatment tools


Acupuncture Needles are very fine and strong. They come in all different sizes for different points on the body. The needles do not cause pain, but instead stimulate other sensations such as dullness, aching or tingling at the site of insertion. Acupuncture is the main tool used to activate the body's innate healing system

Cupping Therapy

Cupping consists of applying suction cups to the skin. the oxygen can be taken out of the cup via a pump or a flame. Cupping the skin encourages new blood flow into the muscles. Sometimes this results in bruising however it is not painful and normally enjoyed and requested


Moxibustion consists of a herb called Mugwort (Moxa) being lighted and the ember is held close to the skin. This is a very deep and penetrating warmth which can be applied to an area or an acupuncture point. It attracts red blood cells to the area which is perfect for boosting healing of those conditions which aren't naturally very vascular

Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbal Formulas are still created from tried and true recipes which date back thousands of years. Each formula is designed for a specific health issue. There are hundreds to choose from which individualises there specific uses for the patients specific needs. Sometimes more than one formula is taken at once. These are usually nourishing in nature and addresses root causes of disease


Gua Sha is a tool used in areas where cupping cannot take place. It is the scraping of the skin with a blunt edged tool. It is painless and patients often report it feels nice. Used mainly on the neck and legs. It has a strong circulatory action on the local tissue and is used most for breaking down excess tissue or draining oedema

Gua Sha - Scraping

Diet Advice

Dietary advice may be given and discussed. Different flavors effect different aspects of your body. In Chinese Medicine a salty favor is associated with the Kidneys, whereas a bitter flavor stimulates the Heart. There also might be one part of your diet inhibiting your body to heal itself which is most important to address. Let thy food be thy medicine

Pre-Treatment Preparation

Be Hydrated

In order to maximise the effects of an Acupuncture treatment make sure you drink plenty of water before and after treatment.

Small Snack

Please eat something 1-2 hours prior to coming for treatment. This minimises the risks of fainting and feeling dizzy. Please refrain from caffeine immediately before treatment

Self Awareness

Having a clear picture of what you want from treatment can really help. Have a think about all the little signs and symptoms that bother you, they may all make sense to your practitioner. The more information the better

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