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Dr. Tetsuro Takumi,
Doctor of Oriental Medicine (D.O.M)
  • South Baylo University Doctor program February 2014 - June 2017  Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

  • South Baylo University Master program October 2009 - December 2012  Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

  • Osaka College of High Technology (Japan) April 2006 - March 2009  Diploma of Bonesetter Orthopedic

  • Teikyo Heisei University (Japan) April 1995 - March 1999                   Faculty of Culture and Information Science

  • NZ Registered Acupuncturist with Acupuncture NZ

  • NZ First Aid with St John's First Aid

Dr. Tetsuro Takumi is a NZ Registered Acupuncturist + a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor). He is originally from Japan but has spent the last 10 years in California, USA training + working, and speaks excellent fluent English.


He is a calm, polite + lovely energy, ready to connect + help anyone in need of his care.

He has previously been registered with the CAB (California Acupuncture Board) and AFPA (Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association) in which he gained certification, majoring in pain management, especially with chronic cases.


Usually, patients come to the acupuncture clinic with severe conditions as their last hope because most people initially view needles without a friendly imagination. However, after his treatment patients will change their mind with a smile :)


Dr. Tetsuro is also an Osteopath/bonesetter therapist (“A practitioner of joint manipulation. Before the advent of chiropractors, osteopaths, and physical therapists, bonesetters were the main providers of this type of treatment. Bonesetters would also reduce joint dislocations and "re-set" bone fractures”) with Japanese national license. The type of Dr. Tetsuro's treatment maneuver is based on a hybrid of both Eastern and Western medical knowledge.

As part of a clerkship, he has worked with a cardiovascular surgeon for the effective implementation of his knowledge in real life conditions and learned various types of symptoms from him. This has provided Dr. Tetsuro with knowledge of diagnoses in both medical fields, and the ability to plan effective rehabilitation programs.